Specialized in carbon helmets

CAST is a 100% Italian brand, manufacturer of Carbon and Fiber Composite helmets for motorcycles , military and professional use.

CAST was born in 2015, from a 50 years long know-how, remained in Italy after the sale of the BELL brand to the American company, maintaining the same production lines and the same qualified personnel.

Made in Italy helmets

CAST helmets are fully produced and approved in Italy.


1962: From cork to polycarbonate

Pierino Castiglioni proposes to Gino Amisano of AGV the use of Polycarbonate for the production of the “Paso” helmet, intended for the motorcycle racer Renzo Pasolini. The futuristic shell is designed and printed by Omnia Plastica ( BELL SAFETY Gtroup), which in the following years will establish itself as one of the major European producers of thermoplastic shells and polycarbonate visors.

1967: JEB's was born

From the association between Pierino Castiglioni and his friend Romeo Bigliardi, JEB’s is born, for the production of car and motorcycle helmets. They also designs the famous helmet which, in fiber, will be used in Formula 1 by the pilot Clay Regazzoni.

1999: Acquisition of BIEFFE share, owner of the BELL brand

The Group acquires the majority share in BIEFFE, the largest producer of composite fiber helmets for motorcycles and F1 cars , which has owned the BELL brand since 1988. This famous brand for motorcycle helmets has been of Italian companies since 1988 and, contrary to what many think, the helmets with this brand sold all over the world, excluding the USA and Canada, were produced in Italy by companies belonging to the BELL SAFETY group, 100% Italian company.

2015: Sale of the BELL brand for motorcycle helmets: CAST was born

The ownership of the BELL brand for motorcycle helmets was assigned to an American company. CAST was born, the company maintains the know-how , the production plants in Italy and the same specialized personnel. In addition to the ownership of the BELL brand for the production of military and professional helmets.