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CM6 Carbon Classic Built in our factory in Italy with 100% Carbon Fiber ,an "Ultra light" weight to avoid feeling the fatigue of wearing it for a prolonged time and with maximum safety. The high technology used is given by our experience since 1962 in moto helmets and military production.

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CM6 Carbon Square Most technological available today. Shell is built with the latest generation of innovative multi-directional carbon fiber, to day used in the air forcel and F1 sector for high lightness performance, rigidity and absorption of kinetic energy.   Our production thanks our experience in Militar Helmets With EFR Emergency Fast Release...

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CM6 Carbon Gold It's built in our factory with 100% Carbon Fiber thanks to our experience since 1962 in moto helmets  and military production. "Ultra Light" weight so you don't feel the trouble of wearing it and max security. Two gold strips, under transparent paint highlight carbon fiber.

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CM6 Carbon Multi Built in our Factory in Italy using 100% Carbon Fiber. An "Ultra Light" weight to avoid feeling the fatique of wearing and with maximum safety. Handcraft painting made in Italy by expert hands. Central band Visible Carbon and side painting with colored edges placed by hand under the paint.

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CM6 Carbon FIM Carbon Fiber + Aramidic Composite with FIM-FRHP approval for professional use which certifies the highest possible level of protection possible even for rotational head accelerecions. In all details we have put the best existing technology for maximum safety.  EFR Emergency Fast Release.

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